The Whole Rabbit

The Nephilim, Giants and Fallen Angels

March 28, 2022 Luke Madrid / Mari Sama / Malachor 5 / Heka Astra Season 14 Episode 3
The Whole Rabbit
The Nephilim, Giants and Fallen Angels
Show Notes

Grab your slingshot and the magic beans you traded your mom’s cow for because this week we’re discussing the fall of the angels and the race of giants known in the bible as The Nephilim.

In this show we discuss:
-Ancient Hebrew Polytheism
-Pre-Abrahamic Psalms
-Akhenaten and Egyptian Monotheism
-The Golden Calf
-Enki, Enlil and the Annunaki
-Jack and The Beanstalk
-The Tetragrammaton
-Isaac, Esau and Jacob’s Ladder
-The Stone of Scone

In the extended show available at we discuss:
-Shemyaza and The Fallen Angels of Enoch
-David and Goliath
-The Redhead Giants of Sardinia
-The Cyclops of Odysseus
-Moses and the Anakim
-Smithsonian Coverup
-Native American Folklore
-Gog and Magog

Sardinian Giants and sections of Psalms written by Heka Astra.
Each host is responsible for writing and creating the content they present. 

Music By:
Spirit Travel Plaza

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